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Advice & Information

The Ace Centre team offer you AAC and AT support at any and every stage of your journey

or call our advice line on 0800 080 3115

Advice & information

Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced AAC /AT user ready to move on the Ace Centre team are here to help.

Free Advice Line

Our advice line puts you in touch with our clinical staff who can help find answers to your AAC/AT questions.

Whether you are a professional, service user or carer we can help if you are stuck using AAC/AT, worried about someone you know or are new to AAC/AT and have a query.

Call our advice line at 0800 080 3115 or send an email at

Information appointments:

  • Free
  • Twice a month
  • Hour long appointments

Whether you are just starting out with AAC/AT or you are an experienced user ready to move on. Book an informal chat about your needs with members of the Ace Centre team.

Please note that this appointment is NOT an assessment, but instead it is an opportunity to reflect on a range of AAC / AT-related issues with members of our service delivery team.

Been to an Information Appointment?

Please give us some feedback help us monitor and evaluate our services. We will not share the data provided with anyone else

"Met with these amazing people today. At an emotional stage in our story they gave us hope for the future for our lovely son who is unlikely to speak. Can’t wait to get started with ‘modelling’ (now I finally know what it is!) and allow him to learn his own special way of talking. "

Katie Lees

Parent, who attended our Information Appointment service

A client laughing

Information appointments

A useful first step in any effective assessment process