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Implementing the Pragmatics Profile for People who use AAC

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Implementing the Pragmatics Profile for People who use AAC

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  • Developing level
  • Places available
  • Runs on: 02/02/2023
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This course is in two sessions:

2nd February (9.30am-12.30pm UTC): An introduction to the Profile, who it is suitable for, and how it should be implemented. Learn about the development of the Pragmatics Profile for people who use AAC, and how to administer it. Following Part 1 you are encouraged to undertake the profile.

2nd March (9.30am – 12.30pm UTC): Discover how to use the profile to identify appropriate vocabulary for AAC and create communication targets to support personal development. This session will support you to utilise the tool, identify priority communication targets and a plan to implement them.

Course aim: 

Explore the Pragmatics Profile for People who use AAC and receive guidance and supervision to complete the profile and utilise information gathered to plan further interventions.

You will learn:

  • To describe a person’s functional communication skills
  • To use the Pragmatics Profile for People who use AAC to identify communication targets
  • To plan targeted activities to enable communication development and measure progress.

Suitable for:

Practitioners working with people who use AAC who are responsible for identifying AAC requirements and enabling use of AAC across different environments. This course will enable you to work towards the following :

IPAACKS competencies:

  • Assessment
  • Able to carry out an informal AAC assessment with guidance and/or using an existing proforma
  • Implementation
  • Able to select and format vocabulary appropriate to the person using AAC, with guidance as appropriate
  • Able to independently set personalised goals and monitor change against these goals
  • Review
  • Aware of the need to monitor whether or not an individual’s current AAC system continues to meet their needs

Course Includes:

This is a teacher supported online course and includes 3 Months access to online learning materials and 2 live webinars.

Special requirements:

A copy of the Pragmatics Profile for People who use AAC available from:

You will be required to use one of the following web browsers for the live webinar: Chrome, Microsoft Edge, FireFox, Safari or Safari Mobile

Cost: £120

*All times shown are given in the UK timezone, on the date the course is run.

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