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CAD in AT: Simple Electronics Development

CAD in AT: Simple Electronics Development
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CAD in AT: Simple Electronics Development

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  • Developing level
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  • Runs on: 01/11/2022
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Included in course bundles:

  • Computer Aided Design in Assistive Technology (CAD in AT)

    Learn the key engineering concepts and how they can be applied to AT and AAC.

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Understand how to take a simple electronic design and develop a manufacture-ready printed circuit board (PCB) design using CAD, assemble the manufactured board and create a simple Arduino sketch.

Course aim:

Developing an idea into a working electronic device is simpler than you may think! There is a huge range of online resources but it can be bewildering to know where to start.

Using an existing accessibility switch interface design, you will use CAD software to develop the PCB which we send for manufacture (included in the cost). In the second session, after a 4 week break to allow for manufacture, we will assemble the design and develop a simple Arduino sketch to produce a fully functioning switch interface.

You will learn:

  • To use a CAD package to produce a production-ready PCB from an existing circuit design (Session 1)
  • Using part libraries (Session 1)
  • Assemble electronic components onto a PCB and solder in place (Session 2)
  • Develop a simple Arduino sketch (Session 2)

Course includes:

An introductory, live, drop-in webinar will ensure delegates have appropriate software set up on their devices. There will be approximately 1 hour of preparation before the live sessions using online learning resources. The main sessions (Session 1 and Session 2) will be run using Microsoft Teams with a live activity where delegates will follow and repeat on their local machine.

Suitable for:

The CAD in AT series has been developed for makers, designers, engineers and others involved in the development of assistive technologies. Little or no previous experience is required but you need to be competent in using standard computer software. The approaches used may also be useful to those who have previous experience using CAD software.

Max 20 participants

IPAACKS competencies:

Management of Resources

  • Aware of legal and policy frameworks in reference to correct and safe use of AAC equipment (e.g. Medical Device Directives, Risk Assessments etc.)
  • Knowledge of how to create resources to support the safe use of AAC technology

Special requirements:

The course will use appropriate CAD software. You will need to use Microsoft Teams for the live online training. You will need to access online resources and Ace Centre Learning using a web browser. An awareness or electronics would be useful.

Cost: £30 This is an introductory offer


1st November 2022 (Webinar) 16.00 – 17.00 UTC

8th November (Live online study) 13.30 – 16.30 UTC

29th November (Live online study) 13.30 – 16.30 UTC

*All times shown are given in the UK timezone, on the date the course is run.

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